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Why do I need Human Growth Hormone?

The Best HGH Health Effects - Rejuvenate Yourself!

HGH, a protein hormone released from the pituitary gland has wide ranging effects on our body systems, metabolism, soft tissues, cardiovascular system and any other body function literally that you can think of. However, when it comes to reversing aging, which is the main reason why most people use HGH, here are some of the best HGH health effects:
  1. Increased endurance and energy: At its best HGH is one of the body's most potent natural anabolic hormones, synthetic versions of which are used in many weight training programs. It leads to protein build up and prevents breakdown of body tissues. As a result, it leads to increased endurance and energy by increasing the body's muscle bulk. Within 30 to 90 days, you'll be amazed at the difference HGH makes.
  2. Boosting the Immune System: Scientists have just started to unravel how the immune system is boosted by HGH. It has wide ranging effects on the T-cells, interferons and production of new blood cells in the bone marrow, and beyond.
  3. Reducing Fat and increasing lean mass: Perhaps this is the best HGH anti-aging property we know. Experiments have shown how calorie restriction and weight reduction prolongs life through numerous means. For instance, it means less fatty acid deposition in the walls of our arteries, which predispose us to early aging and death. How HGH achieves this is complex - through a chain of interactions involving amino acids, exercise, insulin, stress hormones and fats. Most importantly for purely health grounds, treatment with HGH can cause a significant reduction in the type of abdominal fat that is a well known statistical risk for increased incidence of heart attacks. This loss of abdominal fat also has profound beneficial effects for type 2 diabetes patients, as there is a very close association between intra-abdominal fat deposition and insulin resistance.
  4. Increased bone density and libido: Recent studies have shown that one of the best HGH effects are found in pre-and post-menopausal women, as their bone density reduction from osteoporosis is diminished. The effect is thought to be due to increased turnover of collagen as well as a direct effect on cells which cause breakdown of bone, known as osteoclasts. In regards to sexual performance, a recent study has found that 75 % of aging men had better erections and libido. Most HGH users have invariably reported positive effects on their love life.
  5. Reducing aging skin changes and thicker hair. A world renowned study by Dr. Daniel Rudman found that HGH on an average made skin 7.1 % thicker. Apart from improvements in texture and elasticity, 61 % reported significantly less wrinkles.

With all the known benefits of the body's natural HGH, its no wonder that science has been hard at work finding ways to replicate it, and produce a synthetic HGH that can accomplish the same things as our body's own HGH. While the complexity of this is unmistakable, some scientists focus their efforts instead on products that, rather than replacing HGH, instead work to stimulate our body to produce more of its own natural growth hormone, while providing the amino acid "building blocks" our bodies use in manufacturing natural HGH.

Products like Genotropin 12 mg provide a powerful blend of these amino acids and growth factors to boost your HGH levels safely and effectively.

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